Office Plants Health Benefits

Office Plants Health Benefits

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The Health Benefits of having Plants in the Office


Stressed, tired from all that office work? Bored from office setup? Feel absently minded in office? Then you certainly need a change in your working environment by adding in some greenery through plants. Apart from their aesthetic value, plants in office have so much to offer, Office Plants Health Benefits being top of the list.

Different experiments and researches have proved these benefits such as reduced stress, increase productivity and creativity, clean air to breathe, reduced absent mindedness etc. By adding office plants into the design of office space, a person can enjoy nature’s beauty, provide a great interior to the office and different physical and psychological benefits.

Office plant rentals are available to add greenery to your working space and creating a comfortable environment. They offer different packages of ornamental plants and know about what will suit to your office interior best. They offer plants per the right place like plants for table tops, floor plants, blooming plants, plants for holiday services and plants for scenting fragrances.

Going green in the office environment can be beneficial due to following reasons:


Apart from bringing about greenery to the workplace, indoor plants provide visual contemplation that can produce happy, healthy and productive employees. Clients will have a good, positive and lively image of your working space.

The reception area is the first area where visitors, customers as well as staff enters. So, it’s an important area and its decorum and design must be impressive for the first impression of a company office. Designers from different plant rentals can help you in creating an elegant reception area decorated with beautiful ornamental reception plants.

Reduced Stress

Psychologists say that an office without any paintings or other decorative things is the most toxic place for a person to spend time in. Several studies have discovered indoor plants to aid in reducing stress levels at work. A study conducted by Washington state researchers showed that participants in a room with interior plants had lower blood pressure and they were also observed to have maximum attention. Those buildings and offices seem more calming, relaxing and nicer to eyes who have office plants in them. Plants improve one’s perception towards surroundings and help a person to feel more comfortable, hence reducing stress.

Enhanced productivity & creativity

It has been shown by scientists that office plants can increase productivity and concentration in employees by 40%. They also reduce sick leaves as per the TNO Quality of Life study.

Office Plants Health Benefits were reported to increase creativity by 15% as per a study. Suggested by a theory that plants in our surrounding can invoke our ancient instincts of having food around like fruits and so we tend to relax, become calmer, are happier and more creative.

Clean Air

Since trees are known to be the lungs of nature, similarly office plants play an important role in cleaning the air and providing clean air to breathe. 50% reduction in CO2 levels can be achieved through plants along with 20% reduction in dust levels. Bacteria and fungal molds that can easily be inhaled and can cause breathing problems are also eliminated by plants. Manmade toxins are common in a work place that is originated from plastics, paint, furniture, carpets, and certain cleaning products, these can all be minimized by having plants in working space.

Reduced Distractions

Office Plants Health Benefits also help to reduce distractions created due to office noise. A small plant has the ability to reduce noise by about 5 decibels. As per research by Oxford University, plants have the well-established ability of sound absorption due to which noise pollution in working environment can be controlled.

Want to decorate your office by yourself but confused about the right type of plants? Below are some ideas about best interior plants:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Rubber plant
  • Money plant
  • Cactus
  • Lavender
  • Ivy
  • Spider plant
  • Succulents


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